Business security

With the development of modern technologies and means of communication, it becomes important not only to protect your property, but also to comprehensively protect your business, which includes the security of information related to commercial activities or personal life. Unauthorized and untimely transfer of confidential information to your competitors or detractors can lead to significant losses, pose a threat to the further economic development of your business or even the lives of specific managers and employees.

That is why “Alfa Bezpeka” LLC provides services aimed at comprehensive analysis, timely detection and elimination of such threats, countering industrial espionage and ensuring security in the transmission and storage of information for private individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations belonging to small, medium and large business


Property protection

Today, property protection with the involvement of technical means is the optimal solution for private individuals or organizations, which provides the owners with peace of mind and control over the objects while significantly saving money, resources and time. “Alfa Bezpeka” LLC successfully develops such solutions, implements or strengthens security capabilities thanks to the use of various sensors, infrared and thermal imaging cameras, modern means of communication, notification and signaling. These tools help to monitor both the security of facilities and the coordinated work of personnel, the compliance and timeliness of work processes, the movement of workers, etc., around the clock. They also help protect your property from the intrusion of ill-wishers, or the ingress of information, material values, and property outside the facility.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems are one of the main means of reliable protection and, in combination with the involvement of professional physical protection, contribute to:


What services can our company provide?

“Alfa Bezpeka” LLC protects any property: apartment, private or apartment building, production, shop, office, business center, warehouse or terminal, construction site or other object, regardless of its size and complexity. Depending on your requirements and features of the object, we offer the following services:

If you need property protection, leave your contact details in the form below, and representatives of “Alfa Bezpeka” LLC will contact you to agree on the details.

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