With the development of modern technology & means of communication it is important not only to provide property security, but also get complex business security, that includes protection of information related to your commercial activity and personal life. Unauthorized and inopportune provision of confidential information to your competitors and ill-wishers may cause major detriments, threaten economical growth of your business or even life of certain managers and employees.

This is why “Alpha Security” LLC provides services aimed at complex analysis, timely exposure and elimination of such threats, prevention of industrial espionage and provision of secure means of exchanging and storing information for private persons, businessmen, organizations belonging to small, medium and large business.

Business security, provided by “Alpha Security” LLC, is individually tailored to the needs and pecualirities of every client, and can include following measures:

  • Legal advice, analysis and improvement of your company’s ownership structure.
  • Audit of business processes & revelation of potential employee’s unlawfull enrichment possibilities.
  • Conduction of financial & anticorruption investigations related to facts of suspicious operations, reporting falsification, legal framework violations, bribery, unauthorized business affairs, unlawfull assets appropriations etc.
  • Office & production facilities inspection for unauthorized audio and video recording devices.
  • Employees inspections involving professional psychologists & polygraph examiners.
  • Software analysis in search of spyware & harmfull programs.
  • Implementation of safe data storage and exchange procedures.
  • Installation and maintenance of fire & security alarms, CCTV.
  • Control over transportation of goods and valuabes.
  • Prevention of industrial espionage.
  • Revelation of signs & prevention of unlawfull business takeover attempts.
  • Restoration of control over premises in case of unlawfull takeovers.
  • Business contractors & partners check-ups.
If you want your company’s business security to be provided by “Alpha Security” LLC – please fill in the form below with your contact information, so that our representatives could reach out to you for details clarification.
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