You don’t have to be a politician, a public person or a show business celebrity to need close protection. It is enough to be successfull in any sphere of activity, because success on its own often causes envy, anger and aggression that may induce anyone to make an attempt to retake it from you. Attemps like that can also appear where the conflict of interests is present: bacause of your personal attitude or business favour – it doesn’t matter, but noone is secured from such abuse. Noone except those, who have already recognized the posibility of such threats and decided to oppose them proactively.

Close protection – is a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from real or potential threats and concentrate on thing you do, leaving care of security to the professionals from “Alpha Security” LLC.

By becoming “Alpha Security” LLC’s client you automatically become a VIP-person, and our bodyguards will take care that you close protection includes following security measures:

Bodyguards & all employees of “Alpha Security” LLC have high professional qualification, corresponding certificates and constantly improve their skills. Each professional in our team is provided with up-to-date protective gear, arms and equipment to conduct their duties with maximum efficiency.

You need close protection? Contact us by filling in the form below and get one step ahead of your ill-wishers.

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