Most of us perceive security services entirely as a temporary or short-term necessity. But, do you really feel yourself, your private or commercial property is absolutely secure once your planned meeting, trip or mass event is comming to an end? In order to provide our clients with long-term protection and serenity we prefer to use the complex approach. This is why complex security takes a special place in “Alpha Security” LLC’s list of services.


Different stages of business’ development need diverse approaches to organization of its safety & security. When business grows – its income & team increases as well requiring timely adjustments of measures aimed at protection of property: material (offices, territories, depots, produce, equipment etc.), intellectual (documentation, means of communication, closed and confidential information etc.) and personal (director, managers and their families).


We analyze and consider our client’s peculiarities, develop individual protection strategies and take care that complex security conducted by “Alpha Security” LLC provides the optimal capacity of our services, included in the list below:

If you are interested in complex security, or your conditions require individual analysis and approach – leave your contacs in the form below, so that “Alpha Security” LLC representatives could reach out to you to clarify additional details and to configure an optimal package of services for your requirements.

It is impossible to know everything in the world. But when you need reliable information the best source for that – is a subject matter expert. There is plenty of such experts in “Alpha Security” LLC since we are hiring top professionals from different spheres of life, be it close protection or CCTV installation. If you need security consulting we would gladly share with you our information, vision, procedures, real-world examples and rich experience from real premises of different complexity.

Security consulting in “Alpha Security” LLC provides you with answers for your questions as well as grants access to following services:

If you have security-related questions or need consulting – please fill in the form below with your contact details so that “Alpha Security” LLC representatives could reach out to you for additional details.

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