Going to a public event you want to feel your are safe. In case you are not a visitor, but an organizer, you must take care that event security is provided at the corresponding professional level and is comfortable for your visitors. If your company is presenting new products, arranging a charity event or any other meeting that involves a large number of attendants, valuable guests or famous persons, you have to ensure their comfort and serenity. Large business owners, potential clients and competitors need to be certain that an event will be held without any accidents.

Alpha Security” LLC will provide security and control of the public order during cultural and mass events: celebrations, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, banquets, competitions, gatherings etc.

Event security provided by “Alpha Security” LLC is governed by occurence’s peculiarities and customer’s demand, so it can include one or multiple services listed below:

If you need qualified event security please leave your contact details in the form below, so that “Alpha Security” LLC representatives could reach out to you for details clarification.

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